Hydraulic Software AG is a Switzerland-based software startup that builds developer tools, focused on next generation technologies for software/document distribution, update, sandboxing and management. In other words, technologies that do what the web does but better.

Software Engineering

  • Do you like our tools or our mission to take on HTML and beat it?
  • Are you experienced with JVM-based software development, and either already know or are willing to learn Kotlin?
  • And are you looking to work remotely from a European-ish timezone?

If yes then we'd love to hear from you. We can offer:

  • Clean, well documented and well factored code. Unlike other companies that claim this we'll happily prove it to you - get in touch and we'll do a Code With Me session to show you around.
  • Part time work. One reason we can confidently offer this is the quality and quantity of our internal documentation.
  • Total flexibility. We're a tiny company and have few policies. Work from the beach, if you want.
  • Fast, efficient interviewing. No algorithm puzzles (but, we will ask to watch you write some code).
  • Mission focused and ideology-free working environment.

Get things done